Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Best "Shucking" Event in Charleston, S.C

"Beautiful Places - Smiling Faces."  That is South Carolina's state motto and it couldn't be more true. All you have to do is attend one of the many oyster roast events the city holds and you will witness this with your own eyes.
The event's program

My favorite oyster roast is the Lowcountry Oyster Festival held at Boone Hall Plantation.  With all the history and beautiful scenery Boone Hall has to offer, it truly is a sight for sore eyes. This year marked the 31st year that Boone Hall has put on this event and it did not disappoint.
Boone Hall Plantation
Horses I saw while walking into the event

The event started at 10 a.m. and the place was a packed by 10:30 a.m. The weather was in the 60s, so a light jacket was all you needed. With this being the largest oyster festival in the world, people from all over come out to join in the festivities. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, you can't miss the "oyster shucking" or oyster eating contests.

A picture taken of the crowd early on in the event
Ticket book
Price List
If oyster's are not your thing, don't worry, there is plenty of other food options available. This year there were seven participating restaurants that set up food tents, along with several food trucks as well.  For entertainment, there was a couple bands that played throughout the day and even a play area for the kids. All the lines fill up pretty quick so its a must to get in and get your tickets for beverages and food. 

(Dead 27's) The band entertaining the masses

 If oyster's are your thing though, you have definitely come to the right place. Raw and steamed oysters are offered by the bucket. Plus, all the essentials are provided to compliment your perfect oyster. If you do not have your own glove or oyster knives there is an option to purchase them. 
Workers steaming oysters

Local "shucking" oysters
A woman enjoying some oysters
 Once you have your bucket and your "shucking" tools, it's time to get down and dirty, and with a total of 80,000 pounds of oysters this year, you should have no problem leaving this event satisfied.
Bucket of oysters

The event costs $20 to get in, plus the tickets you purchase while inside.  There are shuttles available to take you to and from Boone Hall throughout the day. You can also find additional information on the website.

So if hanging out with friends, listening to music, and eating great food, all while enjoying beautiful scenery sounds like a good time, you don't want to miss this event next year.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Perfect Day for Charleston's Second Sunday on King Street

Whether you are visiting for the first time, or have lived here your whole life, everyone can find enjoyment in the Second Sunday of every month in Charleston, S.C.  During this event, King Street is blocked to car traffic and allows people to walk around and celebrate this great city.  This Sunday, Jan. 12, was the perfect day for it.
Road sign
The weather was in the middle to high 60s with barely a cloud in the sky, and with the recent cold temperatures, people were eager to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

People eating and walking around on
King Street
The street was crowded with adults and children.  Even their dogs were welcome to join in the fun.

The aroma of local restaurants cooking up their best dishes filled the air.  There were even some tables to sit at so you could dine while enjoying the beautiful day.  

Paolo gelato
It wouldn't be complete without a little dessert, and one of the best places to stop is Paolo's Gelato stand.  Paolo serves up his authentic gelato, with a flavor that is sure to please anyone's palate. 

There were musicians at every corner ready to entertain the masses.  A local band called the Folly Beach Rhythm Section grabbed the attention of many, with their bluegrass sound.

Folly Beach Rhythm Section
If you are a person who enjoys wonderful food, great entertainment, or just loves being outside during a beautiful day in Charleston, S.C., there is truly something for everyone on the Second Sunday of the month. Feb 9 is the next Second Sunday event.