Thursday, February 27, 2014

C of C Goes Tobacco Free: New Campus Policy

Cistern Yard
                                     College of Charleston will be tobacco free, no "butts"about it.
Cistern Yard

Effective July 1 of this year, the new "Tobacco-Free Campus Policy" will be put in place to "promote a safe, clean, and healthy environment," for everyone who attends or visits the college.

The policy says, "The current Policy 6.1.5 "Smoking Policy," as adopted in 2006, is repealed in its entirety and replaced by the new Policy, "Tobacco-Free Campus Policy,"also to be designated Policy 6.1.5."
St. Phillip Street

This new policy prohibits use of any tobacco products, including cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff, electronic cigarettes, water pipes (hookahs) etc., and "all other technologies and devices allowing for the ingestion, combustion, inhalation, or other use of tobacco."

Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited in all College owned or leased buildings, property, land, seating areas, and vehicles, according to the policy. For a more detailed list, click on the the official policy link.

The policy states, "Use of tobacco products is permitted in personal vehicles parked or being driven on College-owned or leased property, provided that the windows and doors of such personal vehicles are closed (i.e., tobacco products are used in an enclosed vehicle space) and tobacco waste products are stored in the vehicle and disposed of at off- campus locations."

Cigarette butts found on campus
The President of the College is allowed to make exceptions "at his or her sole discretion," according to the policy.

The policy says, "Employees of the College may be disciplined for violation of this policy, consistent with the provisions of College Policy 9.1.2. Students of the College may be disciplined for violations of this policy, consistent with the Student Code of Conduct." 
Free Program Flyer

With this new policy approaching quickly, the College of Charleston and the American Lung Association is offering free programs to help students and staff quit smoking. The program consists of 8 classes, held on Wednesdays, from Feb. 26 to April 16.

LaToya Clement,
CofC Senior
College of Charleston students are sharing their opinions on this new policy.  As one may assume, people have mixed reviews.

"I have no problems with this law. It's unfair to subject others to second-hand smoke.  I also imagine that it will cut down on littering and loitering," LaToya Clement says.  

Clement, a non smoker, adds, "As students we should want to keep our campus healthy and beautiful. If this can help make that happen, then I support it." 

Joel West, CofC Junior
When a smoker was asked the same questions, his response was bit different.

Joel West says, "I don't understand why they would regulate electronic cigarettes as part of the policy, and who is policing this issue? Why can't they just ban cigarettes with certain designated areas, instead of completely taking away our rights?"

If you are a smoker who is interested in quitting, please visit the link above or contact either of the following: Alena Foresman, Counseling and Substance Abuse or Linda McClenaghan, Human Resources.
Student smoking on campus

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